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Fishing at Karumba




The fishing this year has been a dissappointment after previous year.  The bigger grunter never came in the river. The barra were good early but were hard to catch later even for the fishing guide.   Some good catches were recorded off shore although.  Matty, in the first photo, caught his first barra 79 cm and 5 kg.  

The fish in the next two photos above are barra and are my first and second metre plus barra caught.  They were caught within an hour of each other and were 103 and 106 cm respectively.  They are from the Norman River in Queensland.  I was in Karumba and so the Bemm River fishing report did suffered.  Sorry to all those who follow the Bemm River Report but I have returned.  It is interesting to note that the one Pelagic lure has caught the first 6 barra up the river but not one other lure was successful even identical lures and other pelagic lures in a range of colours.  The lure has become somewhat battered but now a second lure has caught the last 4 barra including the ones above and no other lure including the previously successful lure is working.  Even more amazing is that we have some friends here and one had caught 14 sized barra and his wife had not caught any.  They swapped lures, rods and even sides of the boat but her run of bad luck did end.  Eventually she came good with a number of barra and a hugh one.



The third photo above is of a 65 cm Grunter caught on a peeled prawn while the rest are barra.  

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